Dear Colleagues,
Hospitals today face complex and challenging problems. Healthcare in contemporary society is recognized as one of the highest risk industry. The need to implement ways to improve quality and patient safety and to manage resources in effective and efficient ways is pressing and, to do so, learning from other high risk industries new competencies and approaches is crucial.
Lean Six Sigma principles are used in a range of industries to improve process efficiency by eliminating waste and reducing defects in every process, procedure, and activities through an ongoing system of improvement and the use of a set of tools and techniques. When applied correctly, these methodologies can lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue. Use of Lean Six Sigma methodologies is critically important in healthcare because they can be a determining factor not only for revenue and customer satisfaction. Given that in healthcare poor quality (“defects”) may range from long waiting time to wrong diagnosis, wrong prescriptions and medication errors, robust improvement methodologies can greatly affect patient.

The II Quality International Symposium will present the state of the art of Lean Six Sigma programs in healthcare facilities. Sharing of International and National experiences will facilitate identification of key elements of successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma methodology. Some institutions and advanced health care centers, including the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Virginia Mason Institute, together with European and Italian quality experts, will present their programs to reduce wastes and variability in processes and will share key factors for successful implementation. Target audiences are all healthcare professionals, including those who have a coordinating and managing role. The event will be CME accredited. During the event, ISMETT will present its three best Lean projects. A “special” jury will vote the best project.

The objective of this event is to share tools and modalities used by the most advanced health care organizations to add value to healthcare processes, eliminating wastes and improving efficiency and effectiveness towards the ultimate goals of achieving zero defects in patient care.

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference.

Angelo Luca
Chief Executive Officer

Barbara Ragonese
Director of Quality and Patient Safety

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